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Projects - IPIC Headquarters


Consultant: WS Atkins
Construction time: 42 months.
Built-up area: 150,000m2.
Plot area: 27,000m2. Basement area: 27,000m2.
Landscape area: 20,000m2. Area with water features: 5,000m2. Height: 186.2m.
Description: Located in Abu Dhabi, the IPIC Headquarters primarily consists of two parts: (1) main office tower – 2 basement floors, a ground floor, a mezzanine floor, and 35 office floors, and (2) low-rise offices – 2 basement floors, 5 floors of tiered offices and a prayer hall. The main tower hosts the IPIC reception and office areas as well as the VIP offices. The building accomodates cafes and restaurants, a retail area, gymnasium and swimming pool.

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